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Adventures of Jasper Woodbury, Statistics and Business Plans 1: The Big Splash


Students must develop a business plan for a hypothetical school principal in order to obtain a loan for their project. The overall problem centers on developing this business plan, including the use of a statistical survey to help them decide if Chris's idea would be profitable. Subproblems include using sample data to estimate revenue, optimizing among several options in determining expenses, and meeting constraints that will qualify successful plans for startup funding. With 1 sample, 1 extrapolation to the population, and a straight forward story The Big Splash is the least complex of the Jasper business adventures. As with each episode, students must generate the subproblems, identify relevant data and carry out the calculations to solve this approximately 15 step problem involving basic statistics.

For detailed information about this and other Adventures of Jasper Woodbury episodes, please refer to this Excel spreadsheet.

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Each Jasper episode contains three (3) CD-ROMs (story disc, teacher disc, and teacher manual disc).  All video content is integrated into the CD-ROMs.  No videotape or DVD is included with the CD-ROMs (despite a Teacher's Manual misprint).

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